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Blank Labels

Blank Labels

Blank Labels Made to Order - Make Your Next Project Look Great!

If you're a do-it-yourself creator or the owner of a small, artisanal company, there's real value in working with high-quality blank labels from Lightning Labels.

Blank labels, made with Avery Dennison premium materials, are produced with the same level of care that goes into Lightning Labels' custom printed labels offering. You then finish your blank labels with your own printer or by hand, creating a personalized look for your items.

All of Lightning Labels' many label materials are available for your blank label project, which means you can choose flexible labels made of tough polymers, rustic printed labels, earth-friendly recycled labels, clear labels, gleaming chrome labels and anything in between. Removable and permanent adhesives are both available, and Lightning Labels uses custom die-cutting to make labels in any shape or size imaginable.

Through a partnership with Avery Dennison for blank label production, Lightning Labels can provide a high level of polish and creative control for your short-run products, personalized offerings and DIY projects.

Give Personalized Project a Professional Sheen with Blank Labels

In some cases, it doesn't make sense to buy custom printed labels:

  • Perhaps your business produces such small quantities of goods that there's no need for mass-produced labels.
  • In other cases, customers may bottle or can their own items on-site, creating a customized blend to take home with them.
  • Sometimes, you need to add information — such as a flavor of the day or batch number — that you don't know when ordering your labels.

In these cases and others, there is still a way to put high-quality labels on your items: order blank labels from a trusted provider such as Lightning Labels, then print or write on those labels yourself.

As opposed to purchasing a large sheet of adhesive material, cutting it yourself and performing manual label application, working with Lightning Labels gives you the ability to receive professionally cut labels. These blank roll or sheet labels are made to the same exacting standards as commercial-grade custom labels. This creates the perfect balance between creativity and sophistication.

You can also use blank labels as a complement to your standard custom labels.  For example, you can order printed jar labels for one specific kind of product that comes in many varieties. Then, you can add blank custom stickers or labels on the jar lids and hand-write which type each container has inside.

However you use blank labels, your customers will be happy to see these well-made labels, backed with strong adhesives and made with your choice of label materials. Professionally made labels are tough enough to support label application by machine or hand. More than just a blank slate, blank labels can be the finishing touch on high-quality product packaging.

Find Ideal Blank Labels for Your Purposes

Not every blank label is the same. Just as custom labels are defined by their shapes, sizes, adhesive types, materials, finishing treatments and much more, you can dial in a variety of blank label types, all with the aim of impressing your customers and expanding your brand.

How can you turn your labels to perfection? It's all about picking blank labels that match your packaging needs and overall brand strategy. A few separate elements go into this process, including:

  • Size and shape: Through die-cutting, you can receive custom blank labels in a huge variety of custom size and shape options. You get to choose whether you want your blank labels to cover most of your containers, or leave a lot of space so the underlying color of your products can show through. You can even opt for sizes beyond the standard rectangles and ovals to draw shoppers' eyes to your items.
  • Material and finish: You can say a lot about your brand and products with your choice of label material and finish. An eco-friendly paper label with a rough finish shows that your brand is rustic and cares about the earth. A tough vinyl label advertises that your goods are meant to be used in rugged settings. A shining chrome label or matte label gives items a sleek, modern look. These types of choices are just as true for blank labels as printed labels.
  • Adhesive type: While your choice of adhesive doesn't necessarily change how labels look, it does affect how customers interact with them and is therefore worth thinking about. Temporary adhesives allow buyers to peel the labels off and reuse the items' jars, cans or other containers. Permanent adhesives allow your blank labels to work more like normal product labels.

Selecting blank labels that fit your brand's identity and needs helps set you up for success, even before you've printed or written anything on those labels.

Contact Lightning Labels for Your Next Blank Label Order

When you pick Lightning Labels as your blank label production partner, you gain access to over two decades of label printing experience and excellence. You can take advantage of convenient label creation features, including:

  • Die-cutting, allowing you to receive any custom size or shape of blank labels to fit your product's packaging.
  • Blank label materials that range from polypropylene to tough vinyl, eco-friendly recycled paper and more, produced by Avery Dennison.
  • Lightning-fast turnaround — depending on quantities and number of sizes, most blank label orders ship within 24 hours.

To discuss your blank label needs in detail, contact us directly at or call 303-481-2314. Our business development and account teams are standing by to help you achieve your objectives.

Lightning Labels delivers unmatched value, and benefits including:

  • Free ground shipping for online orders in the U.S. and Canada
  • Quick turnaround for digitally printed orders (after proof approval)
  • No setup fees, plate fees or fees to add color
  • A free printed press proof or PDF proof with every label order (shipping charges apply)
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Low minimum order sizes and no maximums
  • Full-service graphic design support
  • A dedicated account management team
  • Materials sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Make your DIY items and limited-run products stand out with custom labels, printed stickers and custom bumper stickers from Lightning Labels. Visit our Get a Quote page to receive an instant online quote. You can also order free label material samples from our free samples page.

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