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Extended Content Labels

Extended Content Labels

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Deliver More Information with Extended Content Labels

Extended content labels (ECLs) can help companies meet regulatory requirements, offer information in other languages or provide value-enhancing coupons

Brands that want to - or have to - include large amounts of information on their labels have creative options that can give them more space to work with. ECLs provide extra surfaces to work with, wrapping around a product or tearing away. That extended space has multiple uses, and the ideal format will likely depend upon the industry in question. Some brands will use the extra surface for warnings, usage directions, ingredient lists or other text designed to comply with regulations. Others will opt to translate this information into multiple languages. Still others opt to create ECLs that tear away at the cash register, giving consumers access to instant savings on coupons.

Extended labels help companies overcome the tension between branding and regulatory compliance. Extended content labels can have colorful and eye-catching branding on its surface, with essential ingredient information and directions under the label. Since the space under the label is a large, new canvas for designers to work with, companies don't have to limit themselves to just information that is needed for compliance purposes. Recipe suggestions, miniature catalogs and more can all go underneath labels.

There are two main types of ECLs, depending on whether the labels are meant to wrap around or tear off. Each has its own unique best use cases:

Wrap-around Style

A wrap-around label is one that wraps over itself, and is the most common and simple approach to producing ECLs. Using our removable BOPP material, the label adhesive is engineered to be repositionable, which allows for removal and replacement.  The label is designed oversized on one side, typically as a rectangle, and wraps around a product container 1.5 – 2 times.  The light tack adhesive wraps over other areas of the label already applied, and can be removed to reveal the covered content, then reapplied many times over. Minimum order quantity for wrap around labels is 50 labels per version of art.

Extended Content Coupon or Hinge Style

Sometimes, an extra deal can act as a great incentive to buy a product. Coupon-style ECLs are perfect in situations such as these. Buyers can pull off these coupons at the register and redeem the deal immediately, unlocking savings on that item or an additional purchase. The coupon doesn't have to take up space on the exterior surface of the label. A small panel on the front of the product can tell shoppers to peel the label back for added value, creating an incentive to buy that particular brand.

A coupon-style ECL doesn't have to be redeemed in the store. Once consumers bring the product home, they can peel off the label and send it in for a further reward from the company. Alternately, brands can use the tear-away label to print recipes or other information they think consumers would like to save. Using the ECL allows people to peel and keep the information without tearing the whole label off the product. Both halves of the separable label can contain branded imagery. 

The Hinge style is very similar but the top label is not typically removed, in fact one side is permanently adhered to the bottom layer and is not meant for removal.  The top layer peels back to reveal the bottom layer, and like the wrap-around style, can be reapplied many times over.  This is more readily used for products that have primary branding on the top layer, and more detailed product or promotional information on the bottom layer.  The top label is the repositionable or light tack adhesive that is made to remove and replace, which makes it perfect for this type of application. Minimum order quantity for coupon or hinge style labels is 5,000 labels per version of art.

Top Material Choices for Extended Content Labels

Lightning Labels offers many material and finish options for companies aiming to meet demanding extended content label standards.

  • White BOPP is a polypropylene material designed to accept any color of ink and look great. No matter what a brand's imagery entails, it will come through clearly on White BOPP.
  • Clear BOPP is designed to create a see-through effect in any place where there is no ink. Brands using clear labeling materials for their ECLs can create visually compelling effects with transparency, using the underlying colors of their packaging.
  • Chrome BOPP is a shiny material that gives products a classy, eye-catching appearance. Labels made with Chrome BOPP catch light and naturally stand out.

Whatever a brand's objective for ECLs, or its particular approach to using these labels, Lightning Labels can be the ideal partner for this new project.

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